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Yesterday, when we had finished a few errands, we decided to have a picnic lunch at a local park. I had made the sandwiches, fruit, and water bottles ready the night before, and tossed in some sunflower seeds and raisins to go along with.

When we arrived at the park, after a trip to the school for F2’s Occupational Therapy and the weekly library visit, we ate our lunch. F3 wanted her pear peeled, so I’m glad I took along my paring knife!

For safety, we employed the buddy system. The boys stayed together, tag-teaming on keeping track of 2 year old F5. And F3 and F4 stayed together. They did a very good job of keeping track of each other. Of course, F6 kept track of me!

The day was perfect. It was quite warm, but the sun was covered by a thin veil of clouds. There was a slight breeze that bothered F6, but it felt so good as I sat on the park bench, enjoying my children’s delight in the play structure.

It is a large wooden structure, interesting enough for my 11 year old F1, but safe enough for 2 year old F5 to play on. There is a wooden train and truck to crawl through and play make-believe, swing sets with baby, tire, and regular swings, and then the large wooden “castle” that includes slides (but not overly tall ones), poles to slide down, rocking bridges, and tunnels to crawl through.

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Here is F1, King of the Train.

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Here is F2 and F5. All Aboard!!!

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The girls’ (F3 and F4) on the tire swing.

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F6, in his car seat. He’s a little young yet to play on the slides.

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And the whole bunch of them at the end of the day. They were tired, but it was a fun time for all!


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Philippians 1:27

“…conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ…”

Everything that I do, say, or think should be run through a small test – is “this” worthy of the gospel of Christ?

Just what is the gospel of Christ? According to 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, it is this: Jesus Christ died for our sins, He was buried, and on the third day He arose from His grave. It is by this gospel that we are saved. And it is through this gospel we stand.

Therefore, I must think to myself with every thought, word, or action – is this worthy of Jesus’s suffering and death? Is this worthy of a risen Savior?

My actions and words (and my thoughts, as they lead to my actions and words) are a testimony to others of my faith. As a Christian, I am claiming that my faith comes from this gospel. How does my conduct prove this gospel to be true? Can someone look at me and say, “Now that is someone who has faith in her risen Savior!” Or do my actions say, “Jesus must not be real, because if He really died for her sins, and suffered like the Bible says, she couldn’t act like that and still claim to love Him!”

My job on this earth is to show others Christ’s love. His death on the cross is the ultimate illustration of His love for us. His resurrection is the ultimate illustration of His power to save us from our just punishment for our sins. In order to show this shining truth, I can’t hide it under a basket of sinful living and expect it to draw others.

Sinful living. I’m not talking about drugs, sex, and rock ‘n’ roll. I’m talking about being impatient with my 9-year-old when he has to be told for the 300th time to put away his lunch fixings. I’m talking about ignoring that still, small voice within me that says I should invite someone and her family over for lunch. I am talking about judging the relative whose marriage is destroyed by adultery. All this is sin, and causes my unsaved family and friends to wonder why I even claim Christianity if my life is no different from theirs.

And so, I must keep it in my heart that my conduct must be worthy of the gospel, because there are people watching to see if Jesus is real. And I want them to know that He is, and that He loves them!

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