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Fall Harvest Party

On Saturday evening, our church hosted a harvest party. The theme was Go 360, so the church was decorated throughout to represent different areas of the world. This theme was much in keeping with the change in our church’s missions month to October.

It was chaos. We arrived at 5:35, five minutes past start time, and had to wait for another five to just sign in. Once we got all of that taken care of, I released the older kids (I brought my six children and an additional two who didn’t have a ride) and took the youngest three down to the fellowship area to get our dinner, which consisted of cold hot dogs, cold french fries (they ran out of ketchup), potato chips, and applesauce. They had a few tables set up, but most were taken. We ended up in a different room at a table. A lot of people ended up on the floor.

After we finished eating, I lugged F6 around, with F5 and F4 following until I found F3, who then commandeered F4 for games. I attempted to find all the kids to make sure they ate, and finally found F1 after nearly half-an-hour. He had already eaten, so then I tried to convince F5 to play some games. He would have none of it, so for about fifteen minutes, I just plopped myself down and tried to relax. Oh yeah, I also grabbed a raspberry mocha from the Italian cafe, after another long line.

The service was good. Music, illusions, prizes, and a note to parents to be the spiritual leader in their homes. F1, F2, and F6 all won a door prize (the first time any of my kids won one), as well as the other child that came with us.

So, all this complaining to say, the kids had a great time! What is utter chaos to me, trying to keep track of eight children in a herd of about 500, is absolute fun for those same kids. They ran from game to game, from inflatable to inflatable, having a blast. In the long run, it was well worth the strain on my arm from carrying F6 hither and yon. We learned some life lessons (don’t be greedy, earn your candy, be happy for others) and had a lot fo fun.


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