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Double g – er

Okay, so shortening Tigger’s name to indicate my stress level today is a little silly, but just ask my kids. The closest I ever come to an actual swear word is “darn it all to heckles.” lol. I rushed this morning, skipped breakfast, in an effort to get all of my errands for the day done (hopefully for the week, but somehow I doubt it). I had to visit my financial institution, where I received some stressful news (nothing bad, just somewhat distressing), go to Lowe’s to buy the new fridge and range (the fridge is this cool Samsung and the range is a pretty cool Kitchen Aid) and the paint and various paraphernalia to go along with painting my new office at the new house, go to the post office to mail the fabric and block swaps and here, too, get a couple of bottles from the water testing place so that we can have our new well water tested, and then stopped at the grocery store for some peanut butter before I took the truck into the car repair shop. As I was pulling out of the parking space, I clipped the car next to me. This was the first time in my life I ever even bumped into another car! So I waited for her to come out and then waited for the police officer to stop by to file the accident report, then drove the truck over to the dealer for its work. Two hours late. Thankfully, they were running just as far behind and so they didn’t mind that I was late. I feel all wrung out. There was very little damage done to either of the vehicles, I just feel so stupid for hitting her car. She was a very nice lady, and as we waited for the policeman, we were joking around and laughing like crazy. Oh well. It can only get better from here. Right?


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Good for her.

I would like to bring some attention to this wonderful woman who will be earning her undergraduate degree in May. Nola Ochs is 95 years old, and just wanted to learn more, so she went to school. What a wonderful story she tells in this article…my favorite quote is, “Our main crop is our children, and the farm is a good place to raise them.” What a great mom/grandma/great-grandma she must be!

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I checked by blog stats this afternoon (yes, it is an obsession of mine, and a rather unfounded one, seeing as my usual most hits per day were about 28) and my stats say I had 143 hits today. Whoa! And most of them are clicked in from this site: where she has links to digital scrapbook freebies. Because of F1’s sketch I posted yesterday, this blog was included in the her links. What a surprise to me, and a compliment to F1! He is thinking that he needs to start churning out some more sketches for me to post. He is the artistic one in the family, after all. So check out all the links that the happyscrapgirl has on her blog and don’t forget to leave comments if you do download or use something. 🙂

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Here is a page that I did tonight about my dad. I won a shutterfly book at a chat at Scrapbook Bytes on Valentine’s Day. I was going to use it to make a book of Benjamin’s first year, but then, two days later, my dad passed away suddenly. So I decided to make a memorial book about my dad instead.

This layout was from a sketch that F1 drew up on paper and I converted to a PSPX file. Here is the sketch, feel free to use it…just credit AAG with it, with a link to this post, if you can.

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My 9-patch block

My mom's 9-patch block

The three friendship star blocks I finished.  They were from a swap last year and I added the borders to the basic star block.

A close up of the friendship star block.  This is the one I contributed to the swap.

And now, onto the Fruits on bikes. Both F2 and F4 learned how to ride a two wheeler without training wheels last week. Now they are cruising around the yard with no problems. F4 was first, and F2 decided to give it a try when he saw that she had mastered it.

What a look of concentration on F4's face!

Look at her go!  F3 helped her by steadying the bike, but then she took off like a shot.

Here comes F2 on his bike.  He only needed a little help for the first two times, then he figured it out and he was all set to go on his own.

He was pretty proud of himself!

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Wonderful Day of Sewing

My mom and I had a great time sewing today. We are doing a quilt block swap at the t2chk forum and we finished all twelve blocks today. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow of our blocks. They are 12 inch nine-patches; mine are in a mustard yellow with small berry and purple flowery vines (really, it is a lot prettier than it sounds) and a berry toned print with small grape leaves all over; mom’s are a creamy yellow with sweet pea vines and flowers, and an olive green toned print with small grape leaves all over. They turned out just beautiful! Finishing those took most of the day, although we did have a break for chocolate milk (why does pre-made nesquick taste better than powdered nesquick?) and Entemenn’s chocolate cake. We cut our fabric for a fabric swap at t2chk, as well. We are swapping 1/2 yard of vines and flowers with seven other members. I can’t wait to see all of their efforts.

We also worked on some other works in progress. Last year at t2chk we did a friendship star swap, and it has taken me this long to figure out how I’m going to finish those twelve blocks. I’m doing a variation on the Turning Twenty quilt. I had to make it up myself, because I didn’t want to use twenty fat quarters for one, and my blocks were too big to fit into the patterns in this book. But it did inspire the pattern I eventually drew out. I finished cutting all the pieces to it, and hopefully, we will sew some more tomorrow morning. I would love to get those swap blocks into a quilt top. I don’t know how soon I’ll get it quilted. I seem to take a long time to actually finish the quilts.

Mom was working on a quilt for her bedroom at my brother’s house. It is a beautiful purple and green quilt with metallic gold running through it. The pattern is the Lover’s Knot. It is a difficult quilt, but it will be worth it when it is finished. Since it is a double bed size, she is going to have it quilted professionally. What we would give for our own long arm machine (that didn’t cost us an arm and a leg!). As it is, anything bigger than twin (and really, twin is very difficult) is simply too bulky for a regular sewing maching to quilt. Maybe someday.

I’ll try to get pictures posted of all of our sewing efforts tomorrow.

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A TJED (Thomas Jefferson Education) carnival. Hopefully, I won’t be seen as the clown. Lol. I think. 🙂 Anyway, here’s the carnival address…enjoy the submissions!

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