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I was inspired to write a vision statement for our homeschool by Maureen at Trinity Prep School and also by a new local group meeting I am attending designed to offer homeschooling mothers an opportunity to encourage one another in this endeavor. Being the consummate overachiever that I am, I couldn’t just write up a vision statement, but instead turned it into a scrapbook page. I’ve decided to print it as a 10×13 and hang it on the wall in our schoolroom. I think I will need to look at it several times a day to remind myself why I do what I do and what I hope to achieve from it. Vision statements are generally vague, and this one is no different. Exactly how I go about achieving this vision is somewhat up in the air. I have recently been trying to convert our homeschool to one that embraces the educational principles found in A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille. I need to rethink a lot of things that I’ve begun this year, especially with my 7th grader, F1. But, that is a topic for another blog entry.

Harvest Home Academy Vision Statement

Credits: Warm Whisper by Sarah Van Dyke at Scrapbook-Bytes


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I found it!

Woohoo! Mavis was in an I Spy game case, buried deep in a box full of paperwork that I was going to sort through someday. I was looking for a book that I thought might be in there, and not only found the book, but also the cd. Yay! God is good.

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Well, it was good, it was bad, and it was – chaos.

The good: We walked to school this morning. Nearly all the way up the driveway (which is .2 miles) and back down, around back to the basement entrance and into the schoolroom. The kids were really into this school thing, carrying backpacks all the way. F3 admired the beautiful trees, and F4 looked like she was going to her death. I don’t know why, but she’s got this thing about bullies and was quite worried that I was actually going to send her to kindergarten. She straightened up pretty quick though when she realized that the day was going to be fairly normal in spite of the “First Day of School” title the older kids and I had put on it. Bible time was great! We read Genesis 8 and discussed it, as well as reviewed from the last sections and memory work. We talked about thankfulness and how we need to be thankful regardless of the situation. Then came…

The bad: I couldn’t find our Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing CD. With all the moving of some things but leaving other things at the other house stuff, I think I either grabbed it and put it somewhere-I-would-remember-where-it-was or I left it at the other house in some unknown location, waiting to be grabbed and put somewhere-I-would-remember-where-it-was. Either way, I have no idea where it is. We have another typing cd, that came with a software bundle, so I thought we could try that. After running it on the new-to-us computer, I found that the sound didn’t work. I thought the sound card went out, because initially, the lovely machine wouldn’t play any sound. (Remember that thankfulness thing from Bible time?…Yeah, neither did I.) Then after messing around for awhile, with F2 declaring that he wasn’t going to do anything at all until he could do his typing, F4 nearly pulling a cabinet over on herself, F6 deciding that 10:30 am was naptime, and Mr. Nutt calling to find out how my morning was going, I finally determined that the sound card and speakers were indeed working, but the typing cd wasn’t. I played with the cd for awhile, and decided that it could be used soundless, so I released F2 to his calling. After he had spent about half-an-hour typing, I declared it time for another subject and tried to analyze where he had left off. There was no analyzing anything though, because this program doesn’t keep track of anyone’s progress. I will have to guess as to what level he really belongs at. I don’t like that, because I’ve got three fruits learning to type, and I miss Mavis! So, I think I’ll have to hit Walmart tomorrow to get a new Mavis…I am not playing the game that this cd wants me to. About this time, the Holy Spirit began nudging me into that thankfulness thing, and I repented for my lack of thankfulness and we ate lunch. After lunch came…

The chaos. Controlled chaos, but chaos nonetheless. I decided during after lunch freetime to call the dance teacher here in our new town and find out about classes for the girls. Not bad prices and I fell in love with the owner. She is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever talked to on the phone. So I signed both girls up for tap and ballet, and they are, at this point going to be in the same class. Mrs. N. said she’d see where to place F3 after she sees her. She might leave her in F4’s class, sort of as a reigning queen, where she will possibly get a couple of solo parts while the little ones dance around her. Then again, she might move her into a class more for her age group so that she can learn at a faster pace. I’m fine with either, and will leave it up to Mrs. N.’s discretion. That phone call took forever, and I called Mr. Nutt to double check the financial aspect of it, as well as my mom, because she is helping out with the girls’ tap classes. Way too late after lunch, I regathered the fruit and we started work again. I gave F4 and F5 workbooks I’d bought for them, and they both really enjoyed them. F6 was great, playing in the playroom with the toys and just having a wonderful time. F1, F2, and F3 all buckled down and got three subjects done before 4, at which time I said that it was time to hang it up for the day and do our chores. They did a good job on chores (except F4 and F5, who are still rebelling against being big enough to have chores, but we’re working on it.) F1 finished up his logic while the others did their chores, since he is usually waiting for them to finish so he can sweep. I started supper about 5:30, we ate at 6, the kids had free time and are now cleaning up the play/school rooms so that we can start fresh in the morning. About 8:30, I plan to start a new book with them, send them to bed by 9:15 and get myself in bed by 9:30.

Every year, I have to relearn and rethink scheduling and hope that I can stick with it long enough to make all that learning and scheduling worth while. I loved the walk before school and now I know that I have to immediately start work with F2 (not math, because he likes to save the best for last), instead of saving all the with-mom-work for later in the day. F1 did pretty well, but it is noisy in there and I think he has a rough time with that. I’ll find those headphones that were my dad’s and have him wear those tomorrow – it may help.

My biggest lesson of the day: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

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