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Out of the Mouths of Babes…

Yesterday, I was looking for something that I had lost for my sewing machine. The little round spool holder that holds the spool of thread in place on the machine. I had taken it off months ago because F6 wouldn’t leave it alone and I just knew he would lose it. So, instead, I thought I would lose it for him. After searching the bedroom thoroughly, I asked the kids if they had seen it. F4 said that she thought she saw it in a toy box in the basement. Immediately, I saw red, but controlled myself and sweetly asked her is she could help me find it. We went downstairs and she poured through toy boxes while I looked around on the desk down there. She didn’t find it, and neither did I, so we went over to the “art stuff”. There I found several broken toys, along with out of place puzzle pieces, and a broken puzzle box holder thingy. Already frustrated at myself for misplacing the spool holder, I really began to get upset at the mess in the “art stuff”. I picked up the puzzle box holder thingy and dropped it with a loud huff. F4 looked at me with a shocked look and said, “Mommy, why did you do that? Adults don’t drop things.” I told her, “Well, I could’ve thrown it across the room.” She replied with, “Mommy! Adults don’t throw things across the room!”

Sigh. Why do I have to be so diligent to teach them things that I don’t want to have to live up to? But, I told her she was right and that I was sorry for throwing my little temper tantrum.

I did find the spool holder. It was in a box that I had removed from the bedroom eons ago, and I wouldn’t have thought to look in that box if F4 hadn’t told me it was downstairs in a box. So I thanked her for helping me and she said, “Well, Mommy, thank God, because He’s the One Who knew where it was.” Ah, right again.


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