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Read it. Be prepared for some differences of opinion (evolution, homosexuality). But read it. It is very revealing. I said, “Oh yeah, that’s why I do that.” “Wow, so that’s why he acts like that.” “They are doing that!?! Lord, what can I do???” “Oh, that makes so much sense.” Really. Read it.


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Another Birthday

Thursday was F5’s fourth birthday! He is such a sweetie. We had his party on Saturday afternoon. He requested a brown cake with pink frosting and blueberries inside. Can you guess what his favorite colors are? So I made a round two-layer dark chocolate fudge cake with strawberry frosting and frozen blueberries between the two layers. It was actually quite delicious.

F5 wanted toys that had to do with knights and castles. I found some neat Playmobile toys: a castle and several knights with horses. They really weren’t too expensive and the fruit are just loving them. I’d have to say that it is probably one of the most successful birthday gifts ever in this family of nuts.

F5…how shall I describe him. He loves to talk and tell stories. If you’re listening, he’s talking. Sometimes even when you’re not listening! He hasn’t quite developed his own tastes yet: he likes pink because it is F3’s favorite color, he doesn’t like beans because F4 doesn’t. He loves swordplay and tells stories with lots and lots of action and adventure included. He loves to “do his math” which is practicing to draw straight lines and finding the thing which is different from another. He is a very happy boy and I love him to pieces.

Here’s some pictures:

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So, we visited the new allergist Saturday morning. The one whose receptionist told me does IgG testing. The normal doc wasn’t there, and the doc who was taking over for him told me, “IgG is useless.” I was so angry. Then he wanted me to have a blood test done for Total IgE and some particular allergens. I asked him if the skin prick tests didn’t show any allergies, would the blood test? He said, “Possibly.” Why on earth would I have a blood test done for IgE when the skin prick is more accurate and less expensive (and has already been done) for immediate allergies? So I left the office with rxs for two expensive prescriptions that I’m not going to get filled and a test order form that I’m not going to have drawn. We’re supposed to go back in two weeks, but I’m going to cancel that appointment as well. I was in tears describing this to Mr. Nutt on the way home and he was about ready to come unglued. He doesn’t do well when I cry, because it is usually about something he can’t fix. So now I’m back to square one. I can’t find a doctor who will order the IgG blood test, or even one who thinks it is a valuable test. Maybe I’m just barking up the wrong tree and God is trying to tell me to leave it alone, just put cream on the kid, and forget the whole allergy thing. I am just concerned, because I feel that if there are allergies present, it isn’t just going to affect his skin. It will be affecting his entire functionality. I think it’s possible that F2, F5, and F6 all have delayed allergies that they are dealing with. To get a doctor around here to even admit that there is such a thing as a delayed allergy, however, is nigh unto impossible. So, I’m left frustrate, confused, and looking to God for divine intervention because I’m simply at a stand-still here.

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Too bad. Here’s some more.

Mom saw her neurologist yesterday. He said that her “episode” in October was probably from a small amount of bleeding in her brain from small blood vessels, usually brought on by stress or fever. She has to have a doppler done on her brain on Friday to discover if that indeed had happened and if it is an on-going problem or if it resolved itself. He said that if it hasn’t happened again in the six months since the original episode, then it probably won’t be an issue. She did have a fever that day, so that fits in with the brain bleed.

The warts are back. Well, not the ones we had surgically removed…they seem to have been eliminated. But two new ones on F4’s fingers. Sigh. They are still small, so I’m hoping that some Compound W will take care of them. If it doesn’t work, we’ll head to the pediatrician to have them freeze the little buggers off. Hopefully, one shot each will take care of them, because F4 doesn’t tolerate pain well and hates the “freezie stuff”.

F6 will be going to a new allergist on Saturday morning for an evaluation. He supposedly does IgG blood testing for delayed allergies. I called the office after our ped. made the appointment to make sure and the allergist’s receptionist said that yes, indeed, he does do delayed food allergy testing, using IgG. Hopefully, we’ll finally find something out about F6’s eczema. If he ends up postive for some delayed allergies, I’ll be taking F2 and F5 for testing as well. They both deal with eczema as well. I’m guessing that F5 might even have some immediate allergies that affect him, since his nose is always stuffed up. But I’m going to try taking it one kid, one thing, at a time. I know that F2’s only immediate (skin test positive) allergy is to cottonwood.

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F7’s appointment yesterday went well. She has finally exceeded her birth weight and was 9 lbs, 5oz. Yay! She also grew an inch and a half over the week, which just leads me to assume that different nurses measure differently. That seems an awful lot to grow in a week’s time, even if she’s eating like a little horse. But we’re just happy the little princess has finally gone beyond that magical weight and is doing well.

F4 saw her surgeon again today for a final checkup. The warts are all gone and the sites are healing up nicely. We don’t need to go back again unless some weird problem develops. That poor doctor. F4 didn’t say one word to him in the entire six months we’ve been going there. Every appointment he says, “Poor Dr. W—. I know you like me. When’re you going to say something to me?” She just looks at him with those big, beautiful blue eyes and doesn’t respond at all. It started out with her just being shy, but I think in the end, it turned into a game for her. Today he said, “Can you do just one thing for me, since this is the last time we’ll see each other. Just tell me bye.” She kept her face averted, raised her hand, and flopped it up and down. I told her that it was a shame that the poor doctor hadn’t heard her sweet little voice, but that didn’t faze her at all. Silly girl.

Mom had her carotid artery cathederization yesterday. They found her arteries were only 50 to 60 percent blocked, so didn’t put stents in either one. Her recovery was much easier because of that and she was home by early evening. So now, she just needs to see the neurologist to double check her brain (which I can guarantee, is just fine!) and all this mess began last October will finally be resolved. We’re still working on getting her blood sugar under control, but that will come.

Some more pictures of F7, and one adorable picture that shows just how much F6 loves his little sister.

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Health Update

F7 had her weigh-in this afternoon. She weighs 8lbs 13oz, so she gained 8 oz this past week. That is great, but she’s still not up to birth weight, so we have to weigh her again next week. Sigh. Her cold is getting better and everything else looks good.

F6’s sinus infection is all cleared up, but I think his antibiotic is aggravating his eczema. I usually just use Aveeno Baby Cream nightly to keep it under control, but since he’s been on his antibiotic, the cream isn’t doing any good at all. Poor baby, his dry spots are so red. I hate putting the cream on him because it stings and isn’t doing any good anyway, so I haven’t been torturing him with it for a couple of nights now. The PA at the doc’s office said to try giving him an antihistamine, so we’re giving Claritin a try for a few days to see if it helps him out any. When he was seen last week, the PA jotted down to find him an allergist who will do a blood test for allergies, particularly food allergies. They got him an appointment, but it was with the same allergist who we saw last time, and who told me straight out he doesn’t believe in doing blood tests. So, I told her to cancel that one and find me someone who will do the blood test. We’ve already skin pricked the poor little guy, and it showed nothing. I just have a feeling, though, that we need to continue on with the blood test as well.

We sneaked F5 in, because of the eczema behind his ear. It was looking pretty nasty and the PA was pretty sure it had developed into impetigo, so he got an antibiotic and cream. He’s another one whom I’m pretty sure has allergies, but he’s never seen an allergist yet. After F6 gets his appointment, we’ll then take F5 and F2 for one, as I’m certain all three of them have allergies (or intolerances?) that manifest themselves as eczema, as well as behavioral/emotional problems.

F1’s ear infection seems to have cleared up nicely. He still has a little cough and some fatigue leftover from the nasty influenza we had, but otherwise is doing fine.

I’ll leave you with a picture of F7 this evening, happily sleeping in her car seat after dinner.

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Woof Woof

What dog breed are you? I'm a Labrador Retriever! Find out at Dogster.com

Took a quiz today. I’m a lab…same results as usual, but I guess I’d rather say, “Oh, I’m a labrador” at cocktail parties (lol, can any of you imagine me at a cocktail party???) than, “Oh, I’m a Volvo” or “Oh, I’m the color brown.” All results I’ve gotten in the past about my personality. A Volvo?!? Blech.

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