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1. We have moved back into the new house! Mom decided that she can handle the stairs until her room is finished. She told me Tuesday that she wanted to, and I had us packed and ready to go within three hours.

2. My garden is growing! My broccoli has recovered from the attacks of some ravenous creature and seems to be growing well.

3. F7 is rolling from back to belly!

4. I have been able to move my walking workout up a notch and it wasn’t too difficult to get there. I’m still taking it pretty slow, but my hips are getting into shape.

5. Mom found a new doctor. He is an internal medicine doctor, so he should hopefully be able to take care of her entire health needs instead of only being able to treat one tiny portion of a thing at a time.


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Here is this very cool giveaway to win a set of Biology 101 dvds at Heart of the Matter. Three ways to enter and if you do all three, you get three entries! Yippee!

The Homeschool Lounge. I have to be very careful here. I found the too cool Homeschool Toolbar at my friend Traci’s blog. This of course led me to the very too cool Homeschool Lounge. This site has awesome giveaways, too. You have to sign up to the site in order to get in on the giveaways, so I did. Now I have to be very careful to not let myself get sucked into the checking messages incessantly thing that I tend to do. But, if I can use the site with care, I think I’ll really like it! If not, it’ll be gone in a heartbeat.

Memes. How do you pronounce it? I always said Me-Me. As in, I’m talking about myself. Robin Sampson has written a cool meme primer on her blog. I’ve never really taken the time to go through all the memes available, but I think I might take a little bit of time to do so. I’d love to become a bigger part of the blogging community, as well as sharpen my writing skills. So, be on the lookout. I’m going to try to get some of these going. Me-me’s, Meem’s, or Mem’s. However you say it.

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So Barbie, you ask, how is that walking going? Have you been keeping up on your habit-forming? Have you, indeed, stayed away from your beloved message board???? The answers are: okay, sorta, and YES.

I didn’t walk for awhile, because of one useless excuse after another, but I’m back on board and eager to get going again. (Part of this is motivated by the fact that I haven’t lost any weight in about two months and I’d like to get back to pre-F6 weight if I can. Obviously, I’m no longer 25 years old, and it is actually going to take some effort on my part to make that happen. Also, my hips are really, really weak, so I added walking sideways (at 1 mph) on the treadmill for a minute on each side and backwards for a minute. You would be amazed at how badly one’s hips hurt after about thirty seconds of this. Especially if one had birthed seven children.) Between Mr. Nutt and I, we realized that I could take my computer down to the treadmill and set it on the shelves next to the ‘mill. I have a Jabra USB bluetooth thingy and a bluetooth headset for my phone, but it also works as a headset to listen to stuff. I have downloaded a lot of teachings by Joyce Meyer and also a bunch from Cindy Rushton’s Mom to Mom show. But it was a pain the neck to convert them to .wav’s and burn them to cd. I don’t have an MP3 player and obviously no money to purchase one right now. So I took my ‘puter down this morning and just used it as my MP3 player, with my bluetooth headset as the headphones, and listened to Cindy Rushton’s show this morning. It worked great! I really like to listen to talks while I’m walking. So this was the perfect solution. I love it when the technology that I purchase works for more than just one thing. So, one excuse bites the dust, and I am really motivated. I’d say this habit is beyond in progress, but not quite established.

The habit forming in general is going okay. I’m not on the computer as much, although still too much. (It is amazing how many times one can check her email, especially considering the fact that she never gets any!) My next habit is to have a daily quiet time established. This will include the fruit, because there is almost no such thing as quiet in this house. They will need to learn that Mom is filling her cup and they need to wait to have me. So not only is this a discipline for me, but a discipline for them. Quiet times will include Bible reading and prayer (although not be limited to that, and if I get to praising out loud…might not be too quiet). I have started this and I try to read my Bible in the morning and at night right before I go to bed. I’m following the read the Bible in a year plan in the back of my NASB Study Bible. I like it because rather than an amount to read per day, it gives it by the week. I also didn’t start at the beginning, but figured out approximately what week I would be at if I had started Jan. 1. I’ve started this Bible in a year program so many times in the past, I have read Genesis a bazillion times. I’ve made it through the OT before, so I thought I’d just pick up where I would be if I had done it right. That put me in Nehemiah. I’m now a bit over halfway through Job.

I was asking God a few weeks ago why I don’t hunger for His Word. I love Him and I worship Him and I believe in Him 100%. So where is my hunger for Him and His Righteousness? I questioned a while and requested of Him that he fill me with a hunger for Him and His Word and His Passion. Then, having not been immediately filled up with a burning desired to open my Bible, I did anyway. That is when I decided that a quiet time was becoming absolutely necessary in my life. I still didn’t have a hunger, but I had a determination that God wants me to read His Word, so I would do it whether or not I felt like it. Then, last Sunday, our pastor preached an excellent sermon. In a nutshell, he said that we don’t hunger for God’s Righteousness because we are so full of junk that we don’t even know that we are hungry for it. Our spirits are craving God’s presence, but our flesh has filled us up with the things of this world and we don’t know that that is our problem. It was an absolute DUH! moment for me, and my pastor knew nothing of the struggle I’d been having over this. God is awesome, and He will answer, in His time. In the end, I came to the conclusion that the more I read and spend time with Him the more I will hunger for Him and not the junk that I’ve been hungering for (like checking my email incessantly).

Then, I’ve been reading at Cindy Rushton’s website again. Cindy is the self-proclaimed “Binder Queen” – a promoter of notebooks and the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education. I’ve flittered in and out of CM style of homeschooling, doing copywork and narrations sporadically, my whole homeschooling career. But I’ve never really gotten into the meat of the ideas. Anyway, as I was reading along at Cindy’s site, I remembered that I had purchased a book from her a couple of years ago and never read it. Out it came, along with several of her articles that I’ve downloaded and printed off. What do you think caught my attention? Habits! That was one of CM’s most important ideas for education. We must form good habits, otherwise, we’ll form bad ones. That sounds so simple doesn’t it? But then, if we fail to form the good, it is much harder to erase the bad and replace them with the good. That is where I am at. Trying to dump the bad and replace with the good.

So, habit status:
Treadmill walking (?established?)
Daily quiet time (in progress)

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The apple tree in the side yard. If the number of blossoms is any indication of the amount of apples, the tree may well collapse under its own weight. It didn’t bloom like this last year.

May 14, 2008

The garden plot. It is about 12×16. Really too small, but I was trying to keep my weeding needs down, since I’m not there to take care of it on a daily basis.

June 5, 2008

Some plants: Tomatoes, Green Bell Pepper, and Broccoli. Notice it only took a couple of nights for something to get a hold of my broccoli.

June 5, 2008

I also planted carrot, onion, green bush bean, and cucumber seeds. The beans and cukes have started coming up.

June 8, 2008

The tomatoes also are getting some blossoms already. There are tomatoes here bought from two different places. One store covered there ‘maters when the frost came in, but the other didn’t. The ‘maters that were covered aren’t blossoming yet, and the unhealthy looking uncovered-when-frost-came ‘maters are blossoming. I think it is really too early to blossom as the plants aren’t very big yet, but we shall see if the plant can handle it. (Oh yeah, and that’s Mr. Nutt in the background watching me diligently take pictures.)

June 8, 2008

And then I saw this pop up in the garden…my favorite kind of produce.

June 8, 2008

F5, after I told him not to smile. 🙂

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The Parade magazine has an online poll about homeschooling. Go vote. But I just wanted to point out this little tidbit from the accompanying article.

“If upheld, the California ruling will send shock waves nationwide,” says Richard Kahlenberg, the author of a number of books on education. He says the case “pits those who believe parental rights are paramount against those who place a premium on well-educated citizens.” (Emphasis mine.)

Well, I not only believe in parental rights (after all, God did not give the state the ability to produce children, but gave that blessing to individuals), I also place a premium on well-educated citizens. In fact, that is one of the top ten of the millions of reasons I have chosen to homeschool. I don’t know who this Mr. Kahlenberg is, but I recommend that he do some more research into both the public school system and the homeschool movement before he spouts off.

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