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Hmph. Actually, it is Saturday. I drank a regular 16 oz Mocha with Giradelli chocolate at Big Apple Bagels this afternoon. That would explain why I’m up blogging at 12:27 am on Saturday morning, instead of peacefully sleeping in my comfortable bed. But it doesn’t explain why I knew in the real world that it was Friday (well, Saturday) but in my bloggy world, I thought it was Wednesday.

You see, I had planned to post on the blogs each Thursday. I just don’t have enough in me to write every day, but I thought that I could make a habit of it on Thursdays. Except, I also don’t seem to have any conception of time. So, I missed Thursday. I only realized it when I went to see if Booking Through Thursday had their post up yet, since it was so close to Thursday, you know. When I got there, I realized that not only was the post up, but there was also 93 comments already! How could this be? Then it hit me, like the ton of bricks that apparently I needed to be hit with. Today is Friday! So, to make what should have been a short story very, very long, here I am.

Waiting until Friday, however, gave me some interesting things to blog about. We have a full Republican ticket now, with the addition of John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska. The kids and I also had a nice day today, redeeming some of their prizes they won at the library. I’ve also finished the top to an adorable wall-hanging, but you won’t see pictures, because I’m not taking any until it is quilted.

Sarah Palin was shock to many of us, I believe. I have to say up front that she doesn’t change my vote, because I would’ve voted for McCain anyway. Obama is just another Democrat. But the addition of Palin is definitely interesting. As a person who loves to armchair psychoanalyze, I have found much fodder for thought in this decision by the McCain camp. I’ve also been reading other blogs, ones I wouldn’t usually read because they are rabidly liberal, but I wanted to see what the RL’s are saying about the great revelation of today. Pretty much, they are rehashing Palin’s inexperience (because after all, 18 months of running a presidential election campaign gives Obama more experience than Palin’s two years as governor of a very corruption-plagued (prior to her governorship) and evironmentally, economically, and internationally important state), the fact that she canned her rather popular somebody or other, supposedly because he didn’t fire her drunken state trooper ex-brother-in-law, and the fact that McCain chose her because she is a woman, and he is trying steal all the Hillary votes. Any died-in-the-wool Democrat wouldn’t vote for McCain because he chose a woman, especially when that woman is pro-life. But the swing voters, who aren’t sure what they are going to do because they wanted Hillary and were swept to the side by Obamamania, might just choose to put Palin in office. Also, because Palin is pro-life, she appeals to the evangelical Republicans that haven’t been real sure how they felt about McCain. Palin is also a shaker. She doesn’t seem to have a problem facing down difficult problems and holding her cool. She also doesn’t seem to have a problem shaking up the status quo to get the job done. All in all, I’m pretty happy with McCain’s choice, and aside from perhaps Tom Ridge, I think Sarah Palin was his best choice.

On to more personal topics (and perhaps, more interesting reads!). The fruit and I took off for the afternoon and evening to redeem some reading prizes from the library. First, we hit said library for some books for the upcoming week of school. F3 got a great little movie about drawing horses. She started watching it as soon as we got home this evening and already has several horse pictures drawn. I’ll try to scan them in and post them next week so you can see the great job she did. I am absolutely amazed. She has been becoming a better and better artist, but this was a tremendous leap. Then we went to Big Apple Bagels, where I purchase the aforementioned Mocha, which you have to thank for this late night/early morning blog entry. We also hit StuffMart, where we bought a book and coloring book for my adorable neice, B, who turns three years old on Monday. Her birthday party is tomorrow. Finally, after dragging seven kids all over town, we hit the local ice cream shop, where four of the fruit feasted on blue raspberry slushies and the rest of us on soft-serve ice cream cones. F7 loved hers (well, I ate most of it) and F6’s loved his (well, his shorts ate most of it).

And finally, I made, in two days, this absolutely adorable wall-hanging quilt top. It will be a gift for a friend, when I finish it. I’m hoping to dig into the fabric stashes again tomorrow after B’s party to find the backing I want for it. Then I’m going to hand quilt it. For some reason, of late, I’ve felt a real desire to do handwork. It is just so peaceful, when I have to peaceful few seconds, to be creating with my hands. I could be knitting, but I always feel rushed when I’m knitting. I have a burning need to finish a row. I could also cross-stitch, but it is difficult to drop that in the blink of an eye, because of the marking on the pattern. Hand sewing (which I didn’t do a lot of, just some decorative stitching around the fused applique) fits the bill perfectly. I will take a picture to show you all when I finish.

Well, the Mocha is wearing off and my eyes are telling me that yes, it really is 1:03 am. So off I go to rest up for another fun and exciting day of mixing nutts. 🙂


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Of Bread

I’ve been a busy girl. One way I’ve been attempting to save money while Mr. Nutt is off work is to make our own bread and tortillas. I use my Bosch for the bread and make five loaves at a time. Actually, I make four loaves of bread and one “something else” like hamburger buns, soup bread, or cinnamon rolls. Yesterday, I made two loaves of regular bread, then tossed the dough back in the Bosch bowl and put in some dried berries and chopped walnuts to make my Breakfast Bread. I call it that because it is so good, I would eat it all day if I didn’t limit it. I also made what I call a soup bread, which is just bread tossed on a cookie sheet in a french bread style loaf and baked after its rise. Mr. Nutt has told me that my bread is the perfect consistency and tastes wonderful. You have no idea what high praise this is. Mr. Nutt doesn’t like bread in general and is very, very picky about what he does eat. I’m feeling pretty special right now.

The recipe I use for my bread is found in Healthy Recipes from the Heart of Our Homes by Phyllis and Shirley. I purchased mine from Pleasant Hill Grains, but I now have a new favorite kitchen store at Joyous Home. This book is available there, as well as the Bosch Universal Mixer. They are an authorized reseller, which means you won’t have to worry about warranty issues if you purchase from them.

I’ve also been making our own tortillas. We use a lot of tortillas in a day. My tortilla recipe came from Texas Rolling Pins. It is delicious. F1 has declared my tortillas the best he’s ever eaten. I would like a mexican rolling pin to make it a little easier, but I’m not going to buy one. My ex-mother-in-law used her mother’s mexican rolling pin, which was just a broom handle cut down to about 14 inches long. I like that. Perfect size and perfect price. Now, if I could find a wooden handled broom!

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Earlier today, I was listening to Cindy Rushton and Kathy Butryn at the Ultimate Homeschool Expo 2008 (yes, it is over now, but you can still buy a ticket and get in on the fun and goodies). The teaching was on helping your child discover their life purpose. Cindy certainly has a heart for mommas. Every time I listen to her, I am encouraged in a way that no other speaker has encouraged me. I believe that she is good for all mommas, not just homeschooling ones.

Kathy gave a link to a spiritual gifts inventory and I thought to myself, “Self, why don’t you go take that inventory. It might be interesting.” And I did. And it was interesting. Astonishingly, my first gift is administration. I would have never guessed that about myself. However, in retrospect and after conversation with Mr. Nutt and Mom, I believe it is true. Amazingly enough, I also see God moving me into a role of greater administration in my new church. I’ve seen it for a while, but haven’t been willing to step out and take the action necessary. I’m actually glad that I took the test. I somehow feel more equipped to handle the role that God is placing me in, knowing that He has already given me the necessary gifts to fulfill His work. My next three gifts were all practical gifts of helps, service, and mercy. That made more sense to me. Except for the part where the mercy gift makes a person enjoy activities like visiting shut-ins, hospitals, and nursing homes. I do not enjoy these activities. It hurts me too much. Perhaps, though, that is because I have not allowed God to take over that aspect of my life. Maybe, if I hand that over to Him, He will make me able to bear that burden for others. On equal footing with the practical gifts was the communication gift of exhortation. I thought that was pretty on as well. I love encouraging people and I think I am good at it.

What do all of you think, who know me personally? Do these gifts seem to be reasonably on, or did I answer some questions wrong? Have you taken a similar test? What were your results? Did you act on those results? What was the outcome?

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