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This guy is a ring-necked pheasant who has adopted our yard and family this fall.  He, along with another pheasant buddy of his, enjoy taking long dust baths in the holes they dig in the yard, pecking the screens out of the large sliding glass door, and staring at us through the dining room window while we eat our meals.  They follow the kids around like faithful dogs and stand next to mom as she relaxes on her bench on the front porch. 

We’re fairly certain they were hand-raised, then released into the wild to go it on their own.  They obviously miss human contact, because a better part of their day is spent begging at doors and windows. 

Unfortunately for us, they’ve got to go.  Since they are attempting to destroy the house in their effort to join us in our family fun, we can’t keep them around.  I also worry that they will try to jump on one of the kids or mom in their “friendliness” and hurt them with their talons.  So, we’ve made a call to the DNR and are expecting to see a guy in a green truck show up sometime soon to take the boys away.  We’ll miss them and their nosy little beaks pressed against the glass, longingly looking for some attention, but we’ve gotta do what we’ve gotta do.


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