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Over at Christian Homekeeper Network, my wonderful friend, Sylvia, has a meme with a little linky love. Each week she has some prompts to help us along in our blogging/journaling/thinking processes. Some weeks I think, I’d like to blog that. But I don’t get to it. Other weeks I think, nah, I’ll never get to it. This week I said, I’m going to get to it. These thoughts made me feel so…peaceful. I like to feel peaceful. Don’t you like to feel peaceful? Maybe it is the thought of Autumn and the preparations for cozying down. Not sure, but something in this particular meme called me to take a few moments and do the whole journal/thinking/blog thing. Enjoy, and join us if you would like. The linky love is at christianhomekeeper.org.

My kitchen would be more inviting if …………. it didn’t have oodles of piles of stuff in it. I have this weird cutout area that I think was supposed to be a pass-through (for dishes, food, etc) but it just ends up making it easier for everyone to leave their “stuff” sitting there, rather than taking care of it. It would look better without the icky tile countertops, as well, but that is something that just isn’t going to get changed for awhile. Matching cupboards…but there I go again getting into the realm of a-long-time-from-now-changes.

My best tip for making a home seem more welcoming ….. Keep the doorway area clear and cleaned up. This is the first impression area – make your guests feel welcomed here and it will go along way to making them welcome through the whole house. Have a place for their shoes that obviously says “Take your shoes off” if that is the house rules. I hate when I walk into a house and don’t know whether to take mine off or not; I also hate when people come to my house and take their shoes off. My floors aren’t all “white sock” friendly. Having a spot to hang jackets or coats is nice, so the guest doesn’t feel like their pocket stuff is in danger of getting lost in your bedding when you toss their coat in your room. Now, does my house have any of this? Nope. My front entrance is an unfinished studwall maze of rooms. My way of welcoming guests is to hold the blanket that separates the finished part of the house from the unfinished, lol. But I am trying to keep that area neat and tidier so that my guests aren’t greeted with a total mess when they enter my house. Add all of that above to the “someday” category.

To give the feeling of warmth in my home I often ….. hmmmm. I don’t often do anything. This is a new one for me. I’ve honestly never thought about it. Although I’d have to say I think I bake. The nummy sweet aromas and the heat from the oven add a warmth that just says, “home”. I also like the idea of having lap-sized afghans and quilts tucked away for guests, so that if the house is cool to them, they can warm up under a cozy blanket.

In the cooler months, it is essential for me to ….. wear my slippers and sweaters. I have a cute fleece jacket that my auntie made for me several years ago, bright pink with koalas all over it. I love it! But it is getting pretty worn, as it is my go-to warmie during the cooler months. I may need to replace it soon with something else. I need to stay warm and adding on the layers is what does it for me best.

Some favorite Autumn/Winter recipes are ….. banana bread, chili, beef stew, lasagna, scalloped potatoes and ham, homemade bread. Cooler weather meals aren’t tough for me to find – anything that warms up the house! It is the summer meals that I have a tough time figuring out.

A Quick Tip for making your house more inviting …… Open the blinds/drapes/curtains, but be aware of where the sun is. There is nothing more irritating (okay, maybe there is, but this is what I’m thinking of right now) than trying to speak to someone and the sun is right behind them in the window and all they are is a black shape. If the sun is behind you, either shut the window coverings or move yourself. 🙂

Enjoy the meme!


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