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Rules of Murder Book Cover

Courtesy Bethany House Publishers

I have a new hero.  Wealthy, bored, mystery-reading aristocrat Drew Farthering is the hero of Julianna Deering‘s novel, Rules of Murder, published by Bethany House Publishers.  Drew has everything a girl could want – good looks, charming personality, intelligence, a lukewarm understanding of God, dead bodies all over his property – oh, wait.  I guess those last two are a little off-putting.  But not to worry.  Before too long, the inquisitive Drew puts his armchair detective skills to work, joins forces with Madeline, the lovely, devout American niece of his step-father, and gets to not only the bottom of the murders, but also the center of Madeline’s heart and his own faith in Christ.

Julianna Deering has crafted an incredible mystery novel.  I am usually very critical of cozy mysteries.  Too often, the solution to the mystery is so far afield, the reader has no chance to solve it herself.  On the other hand, some are simply romance novels with a crime involved.  Ms. Deering falls into neither of these traps.  Not only is there the romance between the dashing Drew and magnificent Madeline, but the mystery unwraps perfectly.  When the responsible party(ies) (wouldn’t want to give anything away!) are finally revealed, the reader slaps her head and says, “Yes!  It was so obvious!”  But it really wasn’t until the reveal – the clues were there, but not blatant.  This is the perfect response to a well-written mystery.

I definitely give 5 full stars to Rules of Murder by Julianna Deering, as well as my {ahem} coveted Enraptured Award.  That’s right.  I read the book straight-through, without even one peek in the back.web_EnrapturedAward

Oh, did I mention the proposal scene?  {Swoon}

Disclaimer: I received Rules of Murder from Bethany House Publishers, via Net Galley, in return for an honest review.  My thoughts are my own.


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