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Image Dark Road Home book cover

Dark Road Home by Elizabeth Ludwig, courtesy elizabethludwig.com

He survived, barely, the latest attempt on his life.  Dumped on the doorstep of a church, still burning with anger and bitterness toward his sister and her new husband, Eoghan (Owen) Hamilton had only one desire continually cascading through his thoughts.  Get back in the Fenians’ good graces and win Ireland’s independence – through any means necessary.

She just wanted to stay buried, hidden from everyone, even God.  Ana Kavanagh still bore the scars -physical and emotional – of the dreadful night her mother and sister were killed as their home burned to the ground.  Having escaped both the house and the murderer, Ana made a quiet life for herself in America.

Eoghan and Ana soon realize that they are facing the same enemy and that the time of living on their own terms has come to an end.  Thrown together through power-hungry greed, they tumble into a love that will change them and their vision for the future.

Elizabeth Ludwig has crafted an excellent story in Dark Road Home, published by Bethany House and the second in her Edge of Freedom series.  This story of coming to terms with the events of the past and grasping onto the present is fraught with emotional turbulence and dangerous events – enough to keep the pages turning quickly and the lamplight on into the wee hours of the morning.

Though it is part of a series, and reading the first novel, No Safe Harbor, would be beneficial, the central story of Eoghan and Ana tidies up nicely, while still giving us a taste of the story to come.

Dark Road Home has not only earned five stars from me, but yes, also my “Enraptured Award”.  The “Rappie” (thank you, Julianna Deering) is awarded to those books that hold my interest well enough that I don’t turn to the end before it is time.  No sluggish middles, here.


I received Dark Road Home by Elizabeth Ludwig free from Bethany House, via Net Galley, in return for an honest review.  My opinions are my own.

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