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Lucy Benson knew it was time for something drastic when she found herself seriously considering Walter Harris’s proposal.  Raised to be a lady but left a pauper by the bad investments of her late papa, Lucy isn’t sure what that something could be. When her pastor delivers an invitation to be a companion to Andrew Simms’ elderly aunt Martha, Lucy sees it as answer to prayer and soon finds herself on a train to a distant ranch, far, far away from the persistent and pesky Walter.

When Andrew Simms hatched the idea of finding a caretaker for his beloved aunt, he never imagined the refined Lucy stepping off the train.  Aunt Martha has been seeing things and Andrew is concerned that the loss of her husband and advancing age have combined to drive her past sanity.

Unfortunately, Aunt Martha’s visions take on a real and potentially dangerous form and Lucy can verify the facts.  As the truth unfolds, Lucy finds herself wishing for a marriage proposal from the handsome, cleft-chinned Andrew.  But does he return her feelings? And what or who is causing trouble for Aunt Martha?

Carol Cox has woven together a lovely little mystery in No Match for Love, the third book in the A Match Made in Texas novella collection.  I really enjoyed the interplay between feisty Aunt Martha and refined Lucy.  As humor gives way to a deep friendship, Martha and Lucy’s relationship take a large role in this story.

I also enjoyed seeing Lucy grow from a clueless princess to a capable and gutsy young woman capable of taking care of herself, even in the midst of danger.

The romantic relationship between Andrew and Lucy moves rather quickly, although a few months do pass in the course of the story.  I would have liked to have seen a little more about their developing relationship instead of so much about Lucy’s worry about her future.

That was my only disappointment in the story and I give No Match for Love four stars.


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