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I recently read this quote from E.F. Schumacher in

    How to Read Slowly

by James W. Sire. “When we begin to think we can do so only because our mind is already filled with all sorts of ideas with which to think.”

While Mr. Sire was analyzing this quote in the context of worldviews, I immediately thought of how children learn. They need context in order to think – they have to have something to compare new ideas to in order to understand them. This is why it is so important that we read to them and introduce them to concrete concepts early on. That way, thye have something to compare newer, more abstract concepts to and their minds will be better able to comprehend.


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Yep, Fruit number 7 is in the works, still ripening on the vine, so to speak. She has been growing for about twenty-one weeks now, and knowing me and my girls, has about 21 to go. Her date to debut into this strange world is Febuary 10, 2008, and I expect her sometimes around the twentieth. Here’s a scrapbook page I did with one of her ultrasound pics. I’ll try to blog about the ultrasound experience another day. In the end though, we got lots of cool pictures in both 2D and 3D.

F7 in belly
Credits: Amy C Designs at scrapbookbytes.com

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